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Ultar Sar Mountain Peak

This magnificent peak is an attraction for tourist from all over the world and called the princes of Hunza.
Ultar Peak is situated in the Batura groups of mountains the Karakorum range, which starts from Chalt village Bar valley to Kampir Dior in Kurumbar valley, which cuts Pamir Hindu Kush ranges from Karakorum,
These beautiful mountain lies in center Hunza region 113 km, from Gilgit and 715 km from the capital city of Islamabad. The surrounding peaks are ladyfinger, Marble Peak, Harchinder Peak -Passu Peak-Diran- and other famous peaks. The surrounding glaciers are Attabad -Ultar, Hussan Abad and Batura.


K-2 Situated at the extern North East ridge of Baltoro glacier, on the North of Pak China, border standing as a king ruling to his cabinet around, Broad Peak –G-I, II, III, IV, V, Baltoro Kangri , Sherpi Kangri, Chogolisa I, II, III, IV, Bride Peak , Miter Peak, Angles Peak, Bearchidi groups, Ghondogoro groups Masherbrum groups and the Baltoro cathedrals. 

K-2, Approached from Skardu, Askoli, Johla, Bardumal, Paiyu, Liligo, Urdukas, Goro, Concordia, base camp at Goodwin Austen, it is also accessible from China in the North.

K-2 is totally technical climb from all ridges, from the beginning Rock climbing and half climbing on ocean of ice. 

I was 1856 when the British were enforcing their control over India, provoking the 1857 war of Independence that a young leev Tinent of the Royal engineers, T, G, Mintugmerie was quietly busy in surveying. He saw in the for distance a tall and Conspicuous mountain in the direction of Karakorum. He immediately named K-1 later this name come to the other peak in Hushe valley Masherbrum.

It was 1887 the 1st British surveyor came to this region from Kashmir via Brogil Pass, Goodwin Austen discovered peaks and glaciers in this area, he tried to climb peaks but some reasons he couldn’t manage. 


Ayubia Chair liftMurree is a got one chair lift which can release your tension and give you a lt of pleasurable experience. You will forget all problems. Quite easily accessible from Rawalpindi & Islamabad as well as all major cities of Pakistan by road. the recently inaugurated Islamabad to murree expressway makes it more attractive due to short distance from the capital city Islamabad. Traveling from Islamabad is a hassle free & comfortable drive (about 30 km). the most attractive places in murree includes Mall road, Pindi Point & Kashmir point.



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